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[Guide] LG Optimus L5 E610/E612/E615/E617 Rooting [Guide]


                			After step5 is completed, we need to do the Step6, Am I correct?  When the phone boots back, will the connection mode remain as “Charge Only Mode” or do we need to make it again? Do we need to extract the archive to any specific folder in PC?   Can we use App2SD or Lind2SD such type of applications to move the apps to SD after rooting this? Or any other tweak to be done? Which is the best app for the moving the apps to SD that works in LG L5 E615?  Thank you so much for your effort.  		

                			You are most welcome  enjoy the rooted phone, a tip: install BusyBox Pro and RomToolBox Pro and Titanium Backup Pro they will help you alot  Yes you need to do Step 6.  Also, after the APK is installed and RUN, you need to keep the APP open and restart the phone, I forgot to mention that in the guide.  You can use App2SD, you can try rom toolbox pro, it has multiple apps embedded in it, even app2sd modified to work mostly.  Once the phone's connection mode is changed, it will stay the same until u change it  [That is if the default settings are not changed]  It's up to u where you want to extract, but the best is to Extract the Package to the DESKTOP  NOTE: The APK file is attached in the GUIDE POST.  		

                			That means, after the APK is installed and RUN, it will show "hello world", right? At that time we need to restart the phone, correct?    You mean, no need of any thing process to move the app to SD.Will the option to move the app to SD come automatically after rooting?  		

                			I tried my best and all softwares fail to move apps to SDCard, im sorry it wont work  Sent from my LG-E615 using xda premium  		

                			Will this disable the sound? I see a video in youtube for rooting LG L5 E610/E612/E617 and some comments were there about sound issue. Like sound is working only when connected to headphone, otherwise some messed up sound only. Have you got chance to verify this?  Thanks.  GG  		

                			Is there any way to unroot our phone (LG Optimus E612) once rooted?  ---------- Post added at 08:00 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:56 AM ----------    Partition ur SD card using CWM, Use Link2SD to move ur apps to SD card.  Before partition ur SD card, Take a backup, because it will format ur SD Card while partioning. google it... you will get step by step guide . . .    Sorry for my english  		

                			thank you bro  		

                			  			    			t have been root my E612. You have any ROM of E612  		

                			  			    			There is no boot rom for any E series mobile, lg has yet to release bootrom unlock, or someone here should help me crack it  Sent from my LG-E615 using xda premium

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