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2577 won't autorun

Hi all, new here. Be gentle...    I've seen this problem alluded to elsewhere but I'm still confused.    I'm trying to install tomtom6 on an IPAQ3850.  Pocket PC 3  ARM SA1110 processor.    I have an SD card with the tomtom software, with 2577 folder which  holds autorun.exe, autorun.exe-run, and files.    When I insert the SD card I believe it should execute the autorun file  but nothing happens.    I have read this ( ) but am still a little confused about the 2577 folder feature.    I have tried manually executing the ttn2003 cab file, which extracts, seems to  install but fails when I try to run via the tomtom icon.    I believe 2577/autorun feature can be disabled in the registry. If so, how do I check if mine is disabled?   I know my way round a PC's registry but I don't know how to access a pda's registry.  Should I be able to manually execute the autorun.exe in the 2577 folder and expect it to install in a similar way as executing setup.exe on a CD / DVD if no autorun activated?  		

                			Yes, I think it can be disabled in the registry, although I don't know which key. About how to access it, there are many registry editors, and they work exactly like the Windows version so you won't have a problem with that. Among other apps you can use for that: - PHM Regedit - Resco Explorer - SkTools - etc  About Tomtom: do you have a start.exe file in the root of the SD card? I believe that's necessary.  Last but not least: yes you can execute autorun.exe manually  Cheers!  		

                			Hi,  The Ipaq 3850 comes with Windows for PocketPC 2002 and TomTom6 requires Windows for PocketPC 2003-there is an upgrade available on eBay for just £2-3.There are different vesionds for the 3850 and 3870 so make sure to buy the right one.I applied this WM2003 to my 3850 and also my 3870 and installed TomTom6 and it works well..    Ashley  		

                			Ineluki, thanks for your reply. After reading  AshleySear's reply I was looking in the settings to see what version I had and noticed the autorun feature. It was disabled... Strange, I thought it would have been enabled after I did a cold reset to set it back to factory default.  		

                			AshleySear, I think you may be on to something. In 'settings/about' it shows pocket pc version 3. In my ignorance I thought that *was* 2003. I'd be interested to hear what your ipaq has in 'settings/about'.  		

                			My Ipaq 3850 with WM2003:TomTom Nav6 is OK  Bios 3.00  OS:Microsoft PocketPC 4.20.1081 build13100    Prior to upgrade WM2002:TomTom Nav6 would not istall  Bios 1.2  OS:Microsoft PocketPC ?    Hope this helps.    If you do upgrade to WM2003 you lose everything and need to create a new partnership.    Currently I use a kaiser-so bith the 3850 and 3870 are in a box  Let me know how you get on.    Ashley  Essex (UK)  		

                			Hi Ashley,  As you suggested; bought an upgrade on EBAY for 1.75 to Pocket PC 2003. Exactly the same OS build as you. Tomtom6 loaded straight away, maps recognised OK.  Please accept a virtual pint from me in appreciation.  Incidentally, where do you see which BIOS you are using?  		

                			Hi,  As you cold start/hard reset the iPaq the red/white screen,booton right corner it says something like BIOS      3.00  FYI  1.10,1.15,1.20=Ipaq 3800 without bluetooth & Windows for PocketPC2002  2.10,2.15,2.20=Ipaq 3800 with bluetooth & Windows for PocketPC2002  3.00=Ipaq 3800 without bluetooth & Windows for PocketPC2003  4.00=Ipaq 3800 with bluetooth & Windows for PocketPC2003    Glad to be of help.      ashley

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