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Questions and Answers

This forum is for all questions, big or small, you might have. Please read the rules in this forum before asking.

[Q] I need to know the best, Stable, All working ROM for my MT11i Xperia Neo V

hi all,    Please help.. i need to know the best ROM for my MT11I Xperia Neo V, i tried some , and it results in bricking the phone.. i can be considered as a noob as i just got into the world of rooting... so please help me with the best kernels for me and the Best ROMS available... hoping to get a quick reply.. !  		

                			Nobody seems to be interested in helping me out ??   i would really appreciate some help....  		

                			I installed ka12 and I am unable to view online streaming, both YouTube and other flash based... Can anyone help me ??  Sent from my MT11i using XDA  		

                			I installed ka12... Everything working fine.... Smooth as u like it....  Sent from my MT11i using XDA  		

                			Is anybody getting force close intermittently ??  Sent from my MT11i using XDA  		

                			Hi! Looks like people aren't interested to answer your inquiry     These are some of the reasons:  1. Xperia Neo V has a small userbase. Devs aren't very interested in the development of devices with a few users. Look at the Toshiba Thrive, a fantastic device with poor dev support.  2.The Xperia Neo V is fairly new. Devs will likely start developing it once the phone drops in price so they can get it at a bargain.  3.The official ICS rom is coming to the Neo V some time soon. Some devs are probably waiting for it so they can save time by basing their development on the one made by Sony.    Just my opinion.  Anyway I suggest you stay with the official Timescape from Sony. I'm one of the lucky ones to have a Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo (with the 8MP cam). I find it good enough to run almost every app on the Play Store. It scores 1700 on quadrant. I actually encounter lags only when browsing multiple sites or when viewing high res photos.    Cheers,  Cezar  		

                			I read in some other thread a comparison between roms and shoes... you got to try em, no one can make a reliable recommendation for you   		

                			Dont do anything, just wait for ics update for your phone. Its own the way  But if you are impatient, try cm9 (most stable and reliable)  Sent from my Legend using xda premium  		

                			Thanks for your replies.... But girish, cm9 doesnt support my mt11i.. Its only for mt15i...  Sent from my MT11i using XDA  		

                			if you want custom rom then its good as it have good features    according to me the KA (ka01 to ka15)series is best rom of ics for our neo v  and cm9(the unofficial port to neo v) is good but not for daily usage as it have bugs  if you want gingerbread roms i would prefer you stick with stock coz i didnt find any rom that is bug free and stable for gaming

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