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Upgrading, Modifying and Unlocking

Some of the more advanced issues, involving multiple phones.

Original ROM for Alcatel OT-918

Can someone please give me the link to download the Original ROM for Alcatel OT-918(Without D/M/N)  Custom ROMs for the same make are also welcomed.  I errored with mine and I had never backed up.  Thanks  		

          is your reference     I am not responsible for any damages caused to your phone if you do the wrong way !  never flash a rom not made for your phone    2.if not sure about that ROM then use Alcatel OneTouchUpgrade to flash a stock ROM from Alcatel site  you need drivers so install Android SDK and OneTouchUpgrade also take a look at this thread browse through pages for more details about installation but never flash that ROM this is for OT-908 only !  		

                			  			    			Thanks ruscan.calin But the ones in the site are for Alcatel OT 918D/M/N and my phone is OT-918 I tried failed. I tried with the Alcatel Program and it says the phone is upto date. Thanks  		

                			how it failed ? did you try to flash it by recovery ? It doesn't work because recovery mode is made to flash only signed/official updates and Alcatel never released such an update do this: try again to flash and check your sdcard for .log files and post here that content I guess you get an "signature verification " error well, you need a custom recovery to make it works ! tell me more ! what's about these models 918/918d/m/n where is the difference between them ?because if you try to download kernel sources there is only one source so these phone should be almost the same..  		

                			  			    			Let me tell you about all...  I was phone had Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread  This is how it started,  I rooted by phone successful and it has been working well for sometime...  I intended to install Root Call Blocker but it always told me that there is insufficient space.  I switched off and on again to recovery by Pressing the + Volume key and Power button.  This took me to recovery where I cleared,Cache,Dalvik Cache and Data.  When I rebooted it, it failed to start and just shows the Android logo and stops and it has never gone beyond there.  I have tried using the custom roms available at the link in @ alcatel918 dot weebly dot com/2-custom-recovery.html but the all install successfully but the phone fails to go beyond the logo.  That is why I am requesting anyone with such a phone running the same version to assist me with by may be backing up boot,recovery,data and cache and link up.  Thanks alot.  		

                			now I see... yes was a mistake about backup.. always make backups   well, it's dubious.. One Touch Upgrade is not working for you let me tell you: usually Alcatel give you the chance to flash again stock rom by connecting to their server by One Touch Upgrade but it seems is not working for you a chance is to send them a message but don't tell you rooted etc just say "is not working" you already know that I have an Alcatel phone too but for me there is a stock rom in zip format also One Touch Upgrade is working tell theml about that :how to recover ?  well, I perform some search and update this post ...    use this link to tell Alcatel about your problem I used it in the past and they answered me..    also do this check: power off then press Menu (big button? it seem you don't have it? well that middle button.. Home button) keep it pressed then connect to PC keep it pressed !! at this moment Windows should search for a driver then start One Touch Upgrade and try for update !    PS   I just performed some search now I can tell you for sure there is big difference between 918 and the others 918D etc (kernel sources are not the same!)  		

                			Hi !    Have you find a solution for the original ROM?    I've tried to install custom ROM but I've install ROM of alcatel 918 M/N/D ...    Help pleaaaaaaase !!!  		

                			  			    			There is no available custom ROM for Alcatel OT-918 running Android 2.3.6..  I am still searching/looking for someone having the same make so that I can safely have his/her backup.  The available custom ROMs are for OT-918 N/M/D.  Incase of anything...I will post on this forum.  		

                			May be this link can help ...    h ttp :/ /  		

                			yes but there are sources for kernel only you need Android sources for your phone too the single way is to get a recovery backup from somewhere... to compile kernel sources take a look at this post  I can't believe that One Touch Upgrade is not working for your phone

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