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Upgrading, Modifying and Unlocking

Some of the more advanced issues, involving multiple phones.

[RK29][TOOL] Root RK29 Tab Toolkit

Hey Guys, I think here is the best point to post this rooting toolkit if not mods please give me a PM.  First of all, Do it by your own. If you brick your tab I'll wash my hands.  Thanks to DoomLord for his work in the Rooting System.  Well I have created a rooting toolkit for our tabs based in RK29 chip. Please give feedback if it works for your tab.  What it does ?  1. Install the SU (3.1.1) and Busybox binary. 2. Install as system apps the Superuser apk and the BusyBox Free. 3. Done !  If adb drivers doesn't works with your device find another ones, I canno't give support for all RK29 tabs. The Uploaded ADB Drivers work with my older post. If you find another ADB drivers for your rk29 tab upload and I'll post them.  How works the root toolkit?  My root toolkit works using android emulator trick of thirty party project based in DoomLord.  While entering the security creates a temporal folder on the tab to save the files.  Then it copy the su to bin folder and busybox to xbin. After that it changes the permissions by command chmod of the binary to be runnable.  Then it just pushes the two apks to system/app folder. Those apk will be installed as system apps in the next boot.  Finally it cleans a bit the temp folder and you are done.  Give a thanks if it helps and give feedback!  		

                			  			    			RK29 Tabs  Techtab - 4.0 - WORKS Curtis Klu LT7052  - Works (Thanks to kukla) Intex iTab - Works care about pre-installed busybox! (Thanks to HEXCube) Myaudio 708R - Works (Thanks Gusta_HR)  		

                			  			    			1.3 XDA Release  - Root the RK29 fine  - Added ChainDD's SuperUser App  - Added Stericson's BusyBox Free App  		

                			  			    			What about unrooting? It would be nice if you include unroot feature too in Rk29 Root Toolkit. It would help those with rooted and pre-rooted devices to test and try out other Rooting methods. For now,would you explain how does your toolkit work and to manually unroot devices rooted with this Toolkit?  		

                			Sure it's in my plans but not included in this first release. For the moment just reinstall the ROM.  Sent from my GT-I9000 using xda app-developers app  		

                			Have you tried it in your tab? If yes give feedback!  Sent from my GT-I9000 using xda app-developers app  		

                			I verified that this rooted my Curtis Klu LT7052   (Menards has it for $49.00 after Merchandise Credit Check $35.00 rebate this week, Nov 4, 2012)    Drivers for this model attached.  		

                			Thanks for confirming that this works with the Klu.  I got one for the kiddies at Menards this week, too.      I am a little new to Android.  Could you help me with step by step directions on how to root the Klu?  How do I "Install the drivers of the folder" before running the root program?  I'm not sure where to copy them.    I appreciate your help.    		

                			  			    			Usage is same as that of DoomLord's ICS Toolkit (as Rk29 Toolkit is it's fork). For using this you'll need 1. A windows PC.( if someone ports this Tool to Linux/Mac you can use em, but not yet  ) 2. Data/connectivity cable(not OTG cable) to connect your device to PC via USB.(it may work via Wifi, but that's offtopic) 3. SferaDev's Rk29 Toolkit and usb adb drivers.( Download 'em from the attachment of 1st post in this thread) You may refer to Doomlord's post which explains the steps and things to do before using the Toolkit. Steps- Step 1: Connect the tab to your PC via USB. Step 2: Install Drivers. If it is the 1st time you're connecting the tab to PC or if there's no suitable drivers in PC for your tab, a pop up will be shown to install drivers. Choose the drivers you've downloaded. If it doesn't work find working adb usb drivers for your device from somewhere and choose it. Step 3: If drivers got installed correctly, extract the contents of SferaDev's Rk29 Root Toolkit to a suitable location. Open the folder and you'll find a runme.bat file( Don't mess with other files ). Just click and run it. Step 4: A DOS window'll run some scripts and notify you of what's going on.The tab'll reboot a few times. Don't panic, just wait. When rooting is completed it'll be displayed in the same DOS screen. Step 5:Check, if Superuser and Busybox apps have appeared in device. If yes, you've successfully rooted your device! Enjoy . If you're still not convinced, use a Root Checker app( many are available in Play Store).  		

                			Thanks for the feedback and the drivers. Your feedback added to the proper post!   Sent from my GT-I9000 using xda app-developers app

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