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Upgrading, Modifying and Unlocking

Some of the more advanced issues, involving multiple phones.


Wondering if anyone has this yet and if it can be rooted. Is there another Optimus that had been rooted that its the equivialant of the Net10 - LG OPTIMUS.NET?  Sent from my Net10 - LG OPTIMUS.NET LGL45C using xda premium  		

                			i dont think so, root tools have not been released yet  		

                			Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it.  		

                			um LG optimus net zu rooten knnt Ihr die untenstehende Anleitung benutzen. Alles funktioniert auch für da LG optimus net.    in dem untetren Download sind die Dateien um alles durchzuführen.  Entpacken und im ADB verzeichnis z.B. cmd/.exe starten, dann nach den xda thred vorgehen. Die superoneclick auch aus dem Verzeichnis nehmen und warten. Viel Erfolg. Mein NET ist so gerootet.    Ich suche jetzt noch ein Custom Rom!    		

                			I have tried to pursue this on my LGL45C Optimus Net from Net10 and I cannot get this thing rooted if my life depended upon it.  Any other suggestions on what to do about it?  I would really like to get this phone rooted.    I run the 2.3.4 Gingerbread with my Software version stating that it is LGL45CT1, build GRJ2 and the kernel is  Sent from my Net10 - LG OPTIMUS.NET LGL45C using xda premium  		

                			have you tried zergRUSH from doomlord?  Sent from my MB870 using xda premium  		

                			Best way to root your Optimus Net from NET10 is to use a program called Unlockroot from    I kept looking for a way to root the phone and stumbled across this program and it works wonders.  I have had my Optimus Net rooted for about two weeks without one problem whatsoever and it is great. I LOVE HAVING A ROOTED PHONE!!!!!!!  Try this program.  It does not work with all phones as of yet, but Optimus Net is one of the phones that it does work for.  It will go through the process and then it will ask you to reboot your phone, which does it for you and when it loads back up, SuperUser is installed and your phone is rooted.  		

                			thanks, I used to root and load the superuser application onto optimus net10. now to find roms to oc.  		

                			The unlockroot utility wont download for me.  		

                			Hey i as well have the LG L45C if i root it does it mess up my payment plans with the service if anyone knows please let me know because i heard it screws with the plan thanks!

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