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Upgrading, Modifying and Unlocking

Some of the more advanced issues, involving multiple phones.

Original ROMs for Alcatel OT-918 D,Mix and N

Hi guys...  After alot, alot of work and problems...  I am happy to announce to you that I found solution to your Alcatel OT-918(All)..  Pre-requisites:SP Flash tool(I have attached it) One Touch Upgrade from Alcatel site The 3 Alcatel ROM files(Attached) Fully charged phone. Steps  Download the appropriate ROM file for your phone and extract it to a folder.  Download Alcatel One Touch Upgrade for your phone ...Click here for Alcatel OT-918 Upgrade Tool...  Download the SP Flash tool(Attached)  Install appropriate USB drivers for your phone..  Using SP Flash tool push the 3 files(Download) to the smart here is an example of how to download...  Ensure it is successful..  Remove phone's battery,re-insert.  Open the upgrade tool and follow its help file on how to upgrade.  Thanks  		

                			  			    			    Can you please help me with my ot 918 mix when i try to push the 3 files to my phone, i get an error after the purple bar finishes in the sp flash tool, saying something abt partial files and it needing all the files, im new to android flashing, and also i dont see where you have provided any recovery image for me to use, this makes me a bit confused as to what i should do please and thanks in advance  		

                			  I thank you for the time you have used to compile the information. i have on little problem, my phone is Alcatel ot918 mix, though wen i did a nandroid back-up the files read "OT_918D_MT6573" which means it uses the OS for OT-918D. In your downloadable ROM files i can not see the OT-918D 2.3.6 which is the appropriate version for my phone. Thanx in advance.  		

                			i did this one and im having problem with the brom error i downgraded my from 2.3.6 to 2.3.5...accidentally i formated my nvram...i dont have any so whenever i flash my phone it says there is invalid partition on my nand flash...was my phone alreay dead? i cat even go to its recovery mode..the only thing that is good for now is that flash tool can still detect my there anyone out there who has heart to share its nvram??/  		

                			  			    			U are using a wrong scatter file try following the instructions that I have outline above.  		

                			I have a Nandroid backup of my original ROM (alcatel ot 918 without D/M) i downgraded to V2.3.5 my after restoring it wont boot, do you have a file that would help me upgrade to v2.3.6 so that i can restore my original ROM because ONETOUCH upgrades seems not to work on my phone.  		

                			  			    			I have an Alcatel ot 918S and i cant find ANYTHING on xda about it And i was wondering if someone had a custom rom for it (possibly cm based)  firmware version: 2.3.6  Baseband version: 6573  Kernel version:  android-bid1@aclgcl-ubnt61 #1  Build number: GINGERBREAD_ALUS_2    please help I am close to giving up  		

                			  			    			I had Alcatel One Touch 918 with android 2.3.6 on it and tried to root It. It installed, but stuck at booting, at the android logo.Then i tried to restore, using first the partial backup that i did, then with "Smart Phone Flash tool".I did a format : "Auto Format Nand Flash" "Format all flash".It`s connects to the phone and it formatted.  But when i try to Download something (F9) it`s only giving error and says : "SP Flash tool error (9100)  [Android USB] Can not find USB Port.  For formatting it can find.I tried removing the battery and tring after, but it`s not working.The phone can not even power on. I tried even using one touch upgrade tool, But still says my phone has the latest ROM.Once i connect it to a PC I can here the PC detect is by the USB connect sound but doesnt show its charging. Someone help on how to recover the original ROM or even how to get my phone working  		

                			  			    			I tried it my phone now briked  and won't turn on ... OTU say your device is already updated   please tell what to do now... plz help... help

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