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Upgrading, Modifying and Unlocking

Some of the more advanced issues, involving multiple phones.

Root Samsung SC-03D [Japan NTT DoCoMo Galaxy S II LTE]

PS. Use it at your own risk. I have rooted my SC-03D successfully and the phone is working fine untill now     download Pre rooted backed rom. SC03DOMLB9_SC03DDCMLB9_SC03DOMLB9_ROOT.tar.md5 from hotfile [756.2 MB] [Thanks to UNKNOWN who has baked this rom]  l    Download odin3 v1.85 from    [Odin3 is a PC application that was designed to help us update Samsung Android phone firmware. You can install stock firmware and kernel with Odin3. You can also use it to root Samsung Galaxy S II too. Therefore, you are able to flash CF-Root into Samsung Galaxy S2. It is a must have tool if you like to try custom firmware. And get more juice out of your Samsung Android phone]    Get the SC-03D in download mode  After turning off the (SC-03D), enter the download mode by pressing and holding the power button you will get a single vibration and a warning screen will show up after this just release all buttons and just press volume button    For Odin3 to work drivers for SC-03D should be already installed. you can do so by installing Kies as it will install all the required drivers on the machine.  Please note that kies is not running while using Odin3    Please check if SC-03D is detected in Odin on some port to proceed further  In Odin3 click on the PDA button and select the downloaded SC03DOMLB9_SC03DDCMLB9_SC03DOMLB9_ROOT.tar.md5 file and hit Start  the flashing will start now. after successful flasing SC-03D will reboot. It takes some time to restart the SC-03D after the flashing.  After reboot SC-03D will be rooted and you can find superuser in app menu.    After successful root you can install Titanium backup from market to remove the bloatwares from docomo.    PS. Use it at your own risk. I have rooted my SC-03D successfully and the phone is working fine untill now     feel free to press Thanks button if u like this or have any query.  		

                			zergrush doesn't work?  		

                			No i tried that but it dint worked.  I ma just on verge of unlocking it   		

                			worked like a charm! you should have mentioned that it doesn't format the phone  		

                			  			    			can i get any app for HTC one X Tegra 3 international version for UNDELETE files ?  i hve rooted my phone  		

                			 have you tried flashing custom roms?  i got the same samsung sc-03d...  		

                			Mine is bricked now .  can anybody help me in getting jtag pinouts?  		

                			anyone tried the ICS update? i'll lose my root if i do  		

                			What ICS update? It still has not ICS update still on gingerbread, just checked none available.  		

                			  			    			Today i root Docomo Galaxy s2 sc-03d its working now looking for unlock exiting

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