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Anything not related to the phones.

Take into considuration, "Questions"

Wondering about people (Noobs) not reading the Thread  Wondering why people asking stupid questions  Wondering why people cant search the forms/google    - is a forum like a wiki Page?  - is a forum like "one for all", "all for non"  - is a forum static or interactive?    I have seen so many flames, RTFM, you "NOOB" read the thread etc  and then people responding to that and so on and on...    And way, believe me it will be a lost cause, new noobs will come and go.  what will seem as a really stupid question for you, can be a hard one to the poster, eg.   I was wondering wtf is CMDA, that we dont have in The Netherlands as in Europe.  So let me google that for you is always a nice reply.    I have bin on XDA a lot, i have bin reading a lot, i know howto google.  but still...  We all need to understand that vinding what you are looking for can be very hard, or impossible, if you dont know where to look or how it is called.    Off course, if some idiot tell a chief that he dos not like his ROM, and will flash a other ROM a flame is in place.  But if a question is about eg, email settings in a thread of a ROM, pls don't replay, unless you can point to a solution or a other topic that will help the person.    \So my 2 cents about this is;  - you cant blame the person, he/she simply don't know better.  - there are so many that cant read (or read English)  - it is a mission impossible to educate ever single one off them, there will be others and or new comers.  - etc  Don't replay, unless you can point to a solution or a other topic that will help the person.    I made this tread so i can link to it in my Signature:  I'll update if I/we need to

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