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For general comments and thoughts relating to the Android platform

Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate: How to Root it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have UPDATED your phone to ICS, and want to root it, these instructions will work.  You will not need to do the last part where you need to update the firmware keys!    Do you plan to update your phone from Gingerbread (Android 2.3) to Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0). Do that first!  Otherwise, you'll just have to root again (not that that's a problem, but why???)  I) How to update to ICS: 1) Download Samsung Kies from here: if you haven't already, and install it, and then run it 2) Put your phone into ODIN (Download mode - see section II below). 3) When Kies detects you phone (your computer will need to install drivers, and then Kies will say it's connecting to your phone, and it will take about 3-4 minutes and finally connect to it), it should let you know that there is an update.  Just follow the instructions on Kies and be patient.  The phone will update, and once it reboots into normal mode, you'll know it's updated by going to "Settings" and if they are grouped into different sections, then you have ICS.  Otherwise, you probably still have GB.  II) How to enter ODIN Mode: For the Exhilarate I've found it's best to use this sequence:      1) Power phone down      2) Plug the USB cable into your computer (do not plug the phone into the USB cable yet).      3) While pushing and holding both the vol up and vol down buttons,  plug the phone into the computer.  As soon as you see "SAMSUNG" flash  and then dissappear, release the buttons.      4) Phone should boot into ODIN mode.    III) How to Root What you need: 1) Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate phone (unrooted) 2) microSD Card (any size of 1GB or larger will work) 3) USB cable to connect your phone to your computer 4) Files below  First, download all the files... 1) Download the latest version of ODIN here: ODIN. 2) Download the drivers here: Samsung Galaxy Drivers and run the setup program after unzipping. 3) Download the tar file here:  Don't mess with it, just download it somewhere where you can find it later 4) Download SuperUser here: SuperUser  Save it somewhere where you can find it later.  Second, conduct the root: 1) Put your phone into Odin (Download mode - see Section II above).      2) With phone in ODIN mode, run Odin.1.85.exe (it's in the folder where you unzipped ODIN too). 3) Odin will launch on your computer.  It should show, in the first box under ID:COM, a port in yellow.  Mine was Port 5.  This means you have successfully connected to your phone. 4) Click the button in ODIN labeled "PDA", and then browse to the .tar file you downloaded above and then select "Open".  The file will show up next to the PDA button. 5) Make sure that "Re-Partition" is NOT checked!; 6) Click "Start" and wait till your phone reboots.  It should reboot into normal mode.  If it doesn't, just power down and reboot into normal mode.   7) Copy the file you downloaded above to your phones microSD card. 8) Reboot the phone into recovery mode:  While pushing and holding both the vol up and vol down buttons, push the  power button.  As soon as you see "SAMSUNG" flash, release the buttons. You shouldn't need to have the phone connected to the computer this time.  The phone will boot into CWM recovery. 9) using either: the "menu" button to move down and the "home" button to move your selection up; or alternately the volume down button to move down, and the volume up button to move up: highlight "install zip from sdcard".  Use the "search" button or power button to select/enter. 10) highlight "choose zip from sdcard" and press the "seach" button to select it. 11) browse to the directory which you copied SuperUser to and select it.   12) scroll down to "Yes - Install Superuser" and select it. 13) Once done, reboot your phone into normal operating mode. 14) If rooting Gingerbread, see Section IV below. 15) If rooting either Gingerbread or ICS, see section V below. 16) If having issues with Root, see section VI below.  IV) Rooting Gingerbread?: Last: Finish up (Steps 1-4 are ONLY needed if you are still using GingerBread and not Ice Cream Sandwich): NOTE:  Your buttons (the four at the bottom) WILL NOT work at this point.  You need to do the following:  ====== 1) Push your phone dialer as if you were going to make a call. 2) Dial *#*#2663#*#*.  3) You will see the attached thumbnail below on your phone (stolen from j3r3goss). 4) press the bottom button that says "Touch key FW update".  Wait. Once it's finished, your bottom row of buttons will work again!  Note: If you are on GB,  and not ICS, every time you boot into recovery and then back into  operational mode, you will need to do the four steps in this section above! ======  V) Using either GB or ICS: You do need to do these last steps (I believe): 5) ADDENDUM/UPDATE: At this point, there is one last thing you need to do!:  You must go to "Settings/Applications/Development" and Enable USB Debugging!  If you don't do this, you will NOT be able to get root access!  Also, if for any reason you turn off USB Debugging, make sure you turn it back on!  If you lose root access, check this FIRST!  If you still can't get root access, boot into recovery mode and wipe the Dalvik Cache, the regular Cache, and "Fix Permissions".  Then double check to make sure USB Debugging is ENABLED!  6) You're done!  Your phone is now rooted and you can do whatever you want!    VI) TROUBLESHOOTING: If you run into problems 1) Check to make sure that SuperUser is installed on your phone.  Check the apps section first, and then, use RootExplorer and check the System/bin folder.  If you see SuperUser is in the system/bin folder, then you are very close to being rooted.  If it is not installed: a) make sure that you copied the file to the EXTERNAL sdcard.        i) Boot the phone up normally      ii) plug the phone into your computer, pull the notification bar down, select USB connection, and tap the "Connect USB storage" button.      iii) Using Winbloze explorer, copy the to the external sdCard (on my computer, it is drive F:, and the Internal is drive G.      iv) disconnect once the copy is finished and use any file explorer on your phone to check the contents of the external sdCard (look in the "sdcard/external_sd" folder)      v) if it's not there, then you are doing something wrong.  If it is there, shut down the phone, and boot into CWM recovery.      vi) Use CWM recovery to install the file on your phone.      vii) reboot into normal mode      viii) check to make sure that you have enabled USB Debugging      viii) check again to see if SuperUser is now in your apps, and in the system/bin folder.      ix) Run SuperUser 1x, and then close it out.      x) Run ANY app that requires Root Permissions.  You should get a request from SuperUser to "Allow" or "Deny" the app root access.  Make sure you allow root access.  If you make a mistake, you'll need to launch superuser again and completely remove the app from the denied list. 2) Make sure USB Debugging is enabled.  3) if you still can't get root, boot into CWM Recovery, and try clearing the cache and the Dalvik cache, and resetting permissions, then reboot and check everything again.  You may need to do this last step several times.  Beyond that, I don't know what else might be causing you to not gain root access, so keep trying.   If anyone has any questions, feel free to PM me.  V/R  BlackWolf   		

                			Thanks for the write-up Black-wolf.  I wasn't aware that the touch key fw needed to be updated each time after booting recovery,hopefully that is something that will be fixed when Shabbypenguin gets his hands on the stock recovery. Personally I find the easiest, works every time method to get into Download mode is to have the usb cable plugged into the pc, then while holding the volume up/down buttons, plug the cable into the phone, continue holding vol up/down buttons until download mode boots.  Sent from my Liberty using xda premium  		

                			Yeah, I figured that out when I went to boot recovery to check something, and then came out of it and the keys weren't working again...  :/  At least there's a work around.  I suspect, that this is something that an automated app could handle if Shabby or someone else doesn't come up with a permanent fix.  V/R  BlackWolf  		

                			Can someone update the links??.....  		

                			  			    			Links are all working now.  There was only one broken one that I'm aware of.  Let me know if there are others.  BlackWolf  		

                			Any update on getting the stock recovery? I blew through rooting my Exhilarate before I noticed the request for help or I would have offered.    The root seems to be working OK for me. JuiceDefender is working great with it to throttle the CPU clock speeds and has really improved my battery life. Also worked OK in blocking all the bloatware apps with the Gemini App Manager. So I don't really have a reason to unroot and go back to stock firmware, but it would be nice to have the option available should I ever hit a problem.    Thanks for all you guys hard work!  DK  		

                			I just needed this tutorial!, Good job.    Thanks!  		

                			Dream_Killer:  No, we have not gotten a stock recovery. I've had several inquiries into it, but so far as I know, Shabby has not been able to help out in this regard.  I am willing to try myself, but I'll need an un-rooted (and it must never have been rooted) phone.  domobile: Glad it worked for you.  V/R  BlackWolf  		

                			To get into stock recovery you...  1. open a command terminal on your computer.  2. type cd (where ever you have your ADB located on your computer) for example my is located in desktop/platform-tools so the command would be "cd desktop/platform-tools"  3. type "adb"  4. type "adb reboot recovery"    Presto you are in stock recovery.  		

                			We know how to boot into the stock recovery. What we need is to pull the stock recovery image off of the phone so that we can restore the phone to stock.  Btw.. pressing both volume keys while turning on the phone will get you there also.

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