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[ROOT][ICS] Sky Vega Racer A770S + A760S ICS 4.0.4 (Easy)

Hello to all .  This is my first post here , I've been on xda for a while ,See whats going on here .Support For Pantech Sky Phones is not open, just a few threads. I Got a Sky Vega Racer A760S (a great dual-core 1.5Ghz Phone by the way) and needed to root it and install recovery on it . Searched here in xda for post for that kind of phone , found some ways to root+recovery it successfully, but the problem was that after that find out wi-fi and sound where completely gone . I got mad of that . Then self-upgraded it in sky vega site. I needed to root it , so i searched on some Vietnamese developers site some easy steps that i wanted to share to all that have this kind of superphone .   ROOT 1.Download from the link Root & Recovery.rar mediafire. co m/?h7rka238l2r21lb 2.Download drivers+insall them (  . mediafire . com/?zp1gvl3qhefzhsr  3.Need to put phone into USB DEBUGGING . (go to settings -Developer options-usb debugging need to be checked) 4.No Need to put phone into fastboot. open Root.bat follow the steps(just pres any key) ( phone will restart dont worry ) 6.if you see superuser on your phone your done .   Recovery  STEPS 1-2-3-4 are done . Normal Recovery - ADB.bat for normal recovery Or Touch Recovery - ADB.bat for touch recovery . 6.follow the steps (just pres enter when needed) 7.when all finish , turn off your phone - hold pressed volume down + search button then turn on tour phone . if you see the cwm recovery your done )  		

                			Your post is very helpful. Million thanks, can you check again for the links you provided? cause those two are same, it's only for the drivers not for the rooting files and recovery. Thanks again, I too have a Sky Vega Racer A760S and this might be helpful for me   		

                			mediafire . co m/?h7rka238l2r21lb sorry  noob problems  Sent from my IM-A760S using xda app-developers app  		

                			Thank you very much sir!  Im gonna change my recovery now with CWM   By the way, in any case.. do you know what CUSTOM ROMs can we flash on our A760 devices?  Need to remove the korean keybaord switching its annoying and the 80 character sms limit, Im running on Official ICS 4.0.4 v2.21   		

                			no need to change the rom. the original is a good rom. for sms limit download from playstore a app.I use sms pro, is good easy and compactible. for the korean keybord I will find out a way and then tell   Sent from my IM-A760S using xda app-developers app  		

                			Hmmm I'm thinking of the added korean bloatware, thinking bout MIUI for it .... Im using Go SMS too but it has bugs when using , messages more than 160 chars I think will be missing to the recipient. That's why Im thinking bout having it custom ROMed... If only we have info bout this and XDA has support  Thank you very much sir! Tell us here for any updates. Chao!  		

                			And BTW, bout the CWM , replacing the stock recovery with it shouldn't hurt my device also even if Im running on Official ICS 4.0.4 with S/W from sky v2.21 sir?  		

                			hello,is there anything wrong with the link of usb driver download? i can't open that URL correctly?besides,could the usb driver work right on Windows xp? thank you for your help! hiack!  		

                			no it only help your phone , do a full backup , to be sure and go one with trying new roms   		

                			the link is good , just get rid of the spaces between the link

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