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For all of your questions relating to the Android platform

[Q] GOCLEVER TAB T76GPS TV = CWM exclamation mark in red triangle + How root?

Helloo all,  im stuck. I want root my tablet, but its for me impossible! I have some experience with root on HTC D2, SGS 2 but here its difference.  I try go to CWM with - Volume and Power button. Its load but im stuck = i have green android with red exclamation mark and i cant go to menu CWM. I Have Android from GoClever 4.0.3, Core 3.0.8 from fabric. I cant go to cwm, i cant make root.  So i have 2 questions:  1) How fix CWM to open? 2) How root this tablet?  I search about 2 hours in this Forum, but i search only for different tablets, and i im not sure if are for my tablet.  Is this topic for my solution? = Or this ?  Thank you for anny tip, help!   		

                			Its possible thats CWM are locked from fabric GoClever?  		

                			Pleas show me the right way, im desperate  		

                			how u try with super one click mod version to root it   i have rooted my I10 tab with that program  		

                			Finally! I root Tablet. I use "Mr.Tasselhof Root Script by ivanz 03-18-2012".    I wrote install plan tomorrow for other people!  		

                			I create instruction for install Root + install CWM + install Rom Alien RC2 Instruction are in Czech language = use Google Translate. If its translate problem, let me know i translate to EN.

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