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For all of your questions relating to the Android platform

New Firmware for the Allwinner A10 LY-F1, A10 LY-F1HD A13 LY-FI

New OEM Factory Release firmware for the Allwinner A10 LY-F1, A10 LY-F1HD A13 LY-FI    Hi all    Some of you may know or may not but there has been a recent foray of Factory software releases for Allwinner A10/A13 family of tablets  Ice cream sandwich 4.0.4 released in December 2012 and a few weeks later January 2013 jelly bean 4.1.1    Warningmake sure you obtain your original supplies firmware image before you upgrade i.e. Just in case you have a clone with slightly hardware and you can go back if all goes wrong   If the image works in your device please post back make / model     For your info the company    Download page for F1s  Also other downloads F2s etc    Summary of images of the above link today are:-    F1HD(A10)4.1.1 Updated firmware 20130110.2.0.3 (FY-F1HD i.e. screen 1024x600)   F1(A10)4.1.1 Updated firmware 20130110.2.0.3 (FY-F1)   F1HD-4.0.4 Updated firmware 20121129.1.1.1    F1(A13) 4.0.4 firmware 20121129.1.1.1    F1(A10)4.0.4 Updated firmware 20121129.1.1.1     How to install  you need LiveSuitePack_Version_1.09  for a guide see this post     From my initial testing 4.0.4 it is very reliable, play works, you tube works, downloading apps etc . I have found to be mush faster and more stable than the 4.03 release, a worthy update     For 4.1.1 I found the following - Youtube app... when you go to play the video it comes up with "Unfortunately. Youtube has stopped"  I have the F1HD?    Apps like Angry Birds are not displayed in the play market - "you device is not compatible with this version" not sure why this    .  Update - 4.1.1 can be fixed for the above issues....see post below   .      Im currently running 4.0.4, hopefully they release an update for 4.1.1 (I have already notified then of the above issues)     For full routing, I found the following worked  see reply to the post here  (Apologies for above post, no direct links in the above post as I'm a newbie)    Also note that ClockworkMod does not seem to working correctly at this time, I will post back when this changes    I hope this helps R  		

                			The factory downloaded jellybean firmware, “F1HD(A10)4.1.1 Updated firmware 20130110.2.0.3” and  “F1(A10)4.1.1 Updated firmware 20130110.2.0.3”  has the following issues:  A.    Firmware not rooted B.    Many apps missing from the market, like chrome, angry birds etc C.    AnTuTu Benchmark scores a very low mark compare to 4.0.4 (i.e. drops by 1000) D.    YouTube stops when trying to play a video with the message…          "Unfortunately. Youtube has stopped"However all of the above is easily corrected by the following…  Note.. I can't post links as I have less than ten posts....  so remove spaces and post in browser  1.    Install 4.1.1 firmware on your device using LiveSuitePack_Version_1.09 (i.e. see link above) reboot the unit.To fix A…..2.    Now we have to correctly root the device using a slightly modified version of superoneclick from  www  Install the drivers before you try superoneclick, as you can tell this is in spanish use a translator   Now restart the unit, the device will be correctly rooted, and  supersuer app installed It also has been reported that ZhuoDaShi works as well (unroot first... then root) To fix B & C…..3.    From the market download ES file Explorer, in the setting menu go to root settings and make  sure all boxes are ticked. If superuser app pops up, select yes / allow.  4.    Goto the root directory i.e.  /   then selected the system directory (/system) edit the file “build.prop” to  add the following line at the end of the file ro.opengles.version=131072Yes only one line to add, Save File, exit ES file Explorer 5.    In the tablets settings menu go to manage apps, find “Google Play Store” and “Google Play services”  and select clear dataReboot tablet  To fix D…..6.    The latest version of youtube does not work, the previous version works YouTube_4_1_47.apk  i.e. from here  www issues… youtube app…. when a video starts the lip sync may be out, select pause, then play and its back in sync                    ClockworkMod does not work at this time, I will post back when this changes  If this helped post reply  R  		

                			It isn't the most important thing, but it would be nice if cifs.ko and md4.ko were available so that NFS exports could be mounted.  Best wishes, Bob  PS Whoops.  There is nothing lacking the ROM, but something a bit slow in me.  The mount command needed an "nolock" option for it to work.  RLF  		

                			 i have an A13 LY-F9  UPDATE TO 4.1.1 JB . HOW CAN I ROOT ?

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