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how to ROOT Huawei mytouch 4G 2.3.6

I've searched several forums on multiple sites trying to figure out how to root my gf's Huawei mytouch 4G. Any suggestions or ideas?  		

                			I'd like to know as well  		

                			You can root it here  		

                			Cool! Good job!! Can't wait for my wife to get home so I can try it on her phone (she'll kill me if I brick it though!)  edit: Actually I'm kinda scared to try this. Looking at the .bat file though all it does is appear to fastboot off an image, it doesn't push any files on until the root is complete. Is this correct? Meaning if for some reason the initial boot/root attempt fails, I should be able to recover?  		

                			It doesn't actually flash the image permantently, simply boots off of it once. Once you reboot its gone off the device.   		

                			I did it, it worked like a charm. You are my HERO!  Edit: Now the work of removing bloat. I hope I don't remove the wrong thing and end up unable to boot. I'm afraid to remove some of these builtin TmobileMall and TmobileContacts type things. Some stuff like Slacker I had to rm by hand, Titanium backup couldn't do it -- it was installed in /data/app and /data/data but was a system app. Titanium backup could back it up but when I try to uninstall it couldn't find the apk. System app not located in /system. Wierd eh? Anywayz I'm afraid I'll blow away the wrong thing and won't be able to boot so I'm being cautious....  		

                			When you install an update to one of these apps lets use the, yahoo mail on for example, it will show in the  /system/app or /data/app. The problem is the apk before the update is in /cust/t-mobile/us/app which is read only and unable to be mounted  as R/W and that is why Titanium backup is unable to uninstall it.     I have tried moving it and deleting it manually with no luck. I have not tried through ADB yet but may give that a try next.  		

                			  			    			SO ive been rooted for a while and I was messing around with removing some of the bloatware and I am now not able to boot up!!!  DOes anyone have a stock image so i can push it..or a method where I can bring it back??  Please help someone..This is my wifes phone and now she is pissed at me  		

                			  			    			Im dying over here  		

                			  			    			Ive done the same thing to my phone and im wondering were you ever able to get it running?

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