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Technical discussion of Android development and hacking. No noobs please. Device-specific releases should go under appropriate device forum.

Huawei Evolution/UM840 Android 2.2 Froyo [Froyo Evolution v1.3.1]

Hello everyone! This is a mobile phone released exclusively to Venezuela with the carrier "Movilnet" , the device shares many similarities with the Huawei U8500 which can see the complete features here.  How to make root to this device?    To rooted is used z4root found here, follow these steps:      Before installing enter settings > applications, brand unknown sources.    Also mark in settings > application development > debugging usb    When you run Z4root show us two options:    We chose permanent root wait a moment and the phone will restart, done you phone is rooted     If you want to remove the root for X reason open z4root and choose unroot wait a moment, the phone will restart and done! You phone is un-root.    The Froyo ROM which we install comes from the Huawei U8500 but such as they are devices with differences in the hardware there are limitations which are as follows:      There are also problems with the main camera, but the rest if it works well here a translation of the post #1 of the thread that is created in the forums of CANTV:    This is not my work, the main developer is alfred_2 @digialfred (in twitter) and our main forum is Main CANTV Forum for Huawei UM840 (in spanish)    Installing Froyo (2.2) on our Um840:    There are two ways to do this    1) This is the most simple one, it consists in applying the froyo beta ROM from Huawei U8500 directly using force upgrade but you'll lose all your personal settings and if you want to go back to Eclair (2.1) you must also force upgrade using Movilnet's Official 2.1 ROM with the same consequences of U8500 beta force upgrading.  You need to download Huawei U8500 Froyo ROM Beta, unzip it al look for the dload folder with size is 211MB, then copy it into your sdcard root folder (/sdcard).  Now shut down your phone and turn it on by pressing EndCall+VolumeUp+Power buttons.  After the process it will show an error message, remove your battery for 3 seconds, put it back and turn on your phone. Done you have now Froyo on your UM840  This method is a contribution made by Airex0     2) This way is a little bit more methodic but in advantage you can make android backups of your phone and restore them whenever you want to go back to 2.1.  To install Froyo Evolution you must meet theses minimun reqs:  1. Have root access (wich you can get using z4root   2. Install Android Terminal Emulator from android market  3. Download and put in sdcard/recovery these files: Flash_image and recovery.img  4. Open Android Terminal Emulator (you need to be rooted) and input this to install ClockworkMod Recovery:  #su (enter) (grant root permissions)  #mount -o remount,exec /dev/block//vold/179:1 /sdcard (enter)   #cd /sdcard/recovery (enter)   #./flash_image recovery recovery.img (enter)   You shouldn't get any message back close your terminal.    5.Put this file Froyoevo1.3.1 without unzipping it in your sdcard root folder (/sdcard) and shut down your phone.  6. Turn on your phone by pressing Power+VolumeUp+Call, it should boot in recovery clockworkmod.    Its HIGHLY recommended to make a backup of your current configuration, this can be done in the "backup and restore" option then "backup"    7. After creating the backup select the option "install from sdcard"  8. then select ""choose zip from sdcard"  9. select froyo evolucion  10. go down and select the Yes option and wait.  11. When it's done press your back key and select "wipe data/factory reset"  12. Select the option "reboot system now"  13. You are done, now you have Froyo (2.2) in your UM840 with your backup from 2.1 in case you need it in the future.    Can i go back to 2.1 in case i don't like 2.2?   If you followed recommendations and made your backup just go into recovery mode (Power+VolumeUp+Call buttons when turning on your phone) choose backup and restore, then restore, choose one of your backups and done. you'll have your UM840 back on 2.1 just like you had it before flashing.    If you didn't made a backup you'll need to download the official Movilnet's ROM unzup it and put it into a folder called dload in your sdroot folder (/sdcard/dload) and turn on your phone pressing Power+VolumeUp+ENDCALL, in about 3 minutes you'll have your brand new-like UM840.    Improvements after installing Froyo Evolution:      Personally I'm still with the Stock ROM because I don't want to lose the function of the multitouch and FM radio, so we would appreciate if any member of this forum help us with the development of this ROM to make it completely functional.    Any suggestion is received.  		


                			excellent theme now to wait for others to join us comrades who have this device and some fellow xda expert in the field to help us improve this rom and to correct any flaws! Greetings ...  		

                			Excelent, now we wait for help, meanwhile let's keep looking for other ROMs to test like that one from ideos x3  		

                			Here you will find a stable version from Froyo to the IDEOS X3 but not the I tested if you want to tested and comment out if works it.  		

                			Well, this cell is becoming very popular here in Venezuela ... I dont have this phone (yet), partly because I'm hoping that it becomes possible to upgrade to Froyo. So here I am, supporting the initiative ...    Saludos    wicho  		

                			  thank you very much buddy!  well and waiting to join colleagues who hold more um840 huawei evolution to make our voice heard and so any partner to help us tailor the version of the U8500 Froyo our um840!  		

                			Hello friends, thanks for the thread, please somebody that know about kitchen and can to create froyo 2.2 for this device with all its funtions.   		

                			hey guys, also I have the Android, has become very popular in this country, really worth an upgrade to Froy, but without losing any of its features ... Greetings! is that by this means the answers will flow ....!     Huawei evolution!  		

                			  			    			Has anyone tried to install the FM radio App that comes with the CM7 version of the Nexus One? I think it works by allowing the FM capabilities of the nexus processor! Maybe that can work on the UM840 too. I don't currently have the app, but will try to extract it and install it. We'll see what happens!  -  alguien ha intentado instalar la App de radio FM que viene con el CM7 de Nexus One? Puede funcionar, pues creo que estan basados en el mismo principio...  --  ACTUALIZACION: Consegui la aplicacion! Alguien con un UM840 que lo pruebe? Tambien vi unos archivos raros relacionados con la radio en /system/bin. Puedo montarlos luego...    Saludos!  LSAS

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