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For ROMs for devices that do not have a forum on XDA

Innovatek Inno Pad 10

Hi;  Hoping this is the right forum!  I recently received an Innovatek Inno Pad 10 (Cheap Chinese Android Tab).  The info I can find on it: Model Number: T10 Andriod Ver: 2.3.3 Kernel - Build No - GR140  CPU - infoTMIC 1GHZ Processor Memory - 256mb RAM Nand Flash - 4GB  Any mods for this sad tablet?  I would like to make it somewhat useful.  		

                			how craptastic is this tablet? worth buying? avoid like the plague?  		

                			I seem to have bricked mine (was pretty easy).  Innovatek support is garbage.  		

                			I happen to get one of these. It is VERY slow Resistive touchscreen is not accurate However it is a really good media player - once you get something playing I'm thinking that's how it started life. Then someone put android on it as an afterthought. Lately i'm using it as an ereader and messenger  		

                			  			    			It is not that slow and mostly related to them just throwing ICS on it with out tailoring it to the hardware. I wish somebody would make a ROM for this it could be a great Cheap Pad. As for bricking it, it is already rooted so you do have to be careful what you install as it may brick it.

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