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Learn Windows Mobile ROM development (version 6.5.3 and below). For serious students only. This forum is monitored and moderated by seasoned developers.

[SOLVED] Twitter certificate

Hi friends,    Don't know if it's only me but last few days I'm having problems updating the twits of the Twitter Manila tap again.   It was always working fine.    I've investigated a bit and it seems like Twitter needs a certificate now.    If I brows directly with Opera to and try to login it's asking to install a certificate.    But the Twitter tap still doesn't want to update the Twits.  I've searched on XDA but can't find any info about it.    Does anyone knows a workaround?    Grtz,    Laurentius26   		

                			  			    			Hi,  You need the twitter hotfix from the 10/2/2011: Here's a package.  		

                			I've already included in rom and it was working fine before but I will give it a shot  and report back.    Thank you       		

                			Ok, I think it was that as I have had the problem in my side the 30 or 31 last month and fix with that.  		

                			Cool, probably something wrong with the package in rom.  The hotfix works fine.    Again, thank you very much.    Case solved.   		

                			I never had the fix, and twitter was working fine until a couple of days ago. Now I get account forbidden error! Does this fix solves that issue?  		

                			Yes, it solves that issue.  btw thanks for sharing  lcd4linux  		

                			Yes indeed!!! the issue solved....  		

                			anyone else having a problem with uploading photos to twitpic? Freezes or crashes all the time after the fix (via cab) was applied...  		

                			  			    			has anyone else again problem with login   lcd4linux

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